A Tough But Important Call for RRC — One Rabbi’s View

For those following the ‘partner status policy’ discussion, I offer here — just click on this, “On proposed NJP change – FSD, Jan 2015″ — my own statement of cautious but clear support for the proposed change.  Written in Dec. 2014 and edited only slightly since, it overlaps with what treasured colleagues Mychal Copeland and Elyse Wechterman wrote, but was completed before I read their compelling pieces (which are at http://www.jewishrecon.org/files/PDFs/Rabbinic%20Perspectives%20on%20PSP.pdf; the entries from Caryn Broitman and Les Bronstein are compelling in many ways too, though I do come down on this side of the policy question).  It’s two full pages in the attached Word document; feedback is welcome…

Blessings, all…


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