Gili’s Doing Great (as are we all)

Nearly 5 months now, and hale and healthy — Gili is beginning to get into a developmentally-appropriate routine of eating, burping, eating more, smiling and cooing, getting fussy, then falling asleep, with cycle repeating on average every four hours (a bit longer if we’re lucky at night, with some diaper changes thrown in for good measure).  Mostly he’s just a great baby with a good disposition; it’s amazing to look at the old posts when his medical situation was at the fore, since that has so receded.  Some recent pix:

2009_0706 Z NJ with Skyline &  Scheinberg-Kalishes (94)

2009_0510 F, S&G, Leora

2009_0522 G & S (6)2009_0522 G & S (3)

2009_0712 Z Kids, Sandy, Balt (7)


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