A picture is worth a thousand words, we’re told, so here’s 10K’s worth…. visual proof that we’ve sprung baby Gili from the hospital, transported him across state lines, had his ecstatic big sister feed him his first bottle at home, and already begun not sleeping well! A brilliant pre-Pesach miracle. (The current plan is to “bless the son” at shul next Monday, his 8th full-day with us, around 3:30pm; email us for details)…..


That’s us — “all four Scherlinders” (yes we’re running!), and two Helpers, out and about for the first time ever.  And below is the ‘discharge’ photo:


We love the connection Sara has with Gili.  Witness:



And the same goes for his grandparents, Nana & Papa:


Much more to be said, but we’ll do it down the line.  For now we look forward to thinking in 3-4-hour intervals, being zonked out tired between feedings, reveling in the sweet cuteness of our infant son, paying extra attention to our super Sara, and having the time of our lives….





7 Responses to “GILAD IS HOME ! ! !”

  1. Scarlett Says:

    Congratulations on bringing your beautiful son home! You all look so happy! We couldn’t be more thrilled for you. Sara is such a knock out and boy, does she beam at her little brother. Hooray for you, it truely is a season of miracles. Thanks for sharing your joy, your blog, the pictures has brightened a dreary day!

  2. Lora Griff Says:

    These pictures TOTALLY make me tear up! We are all so happy for you! Enjoy your little wonder along with your bigger wonder! Thanks for including us in your journey.

  3. Alan M. Says:

    Wow! Mazel Tov, congratulations, and a long-distance WordPress hug to you & your growing family!
    all the best,
    Alan, Becca, Emma & Caleb

  4. Morah Mary Says:

    So much joy and happiness, compounded by the relief of Gili’s medical progress! It’s funny, isn’t it, how much 28 cc’s seems at first? I’m delighted for you all – chag sameach!
    Love to all,

  5. Anna Straight Says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

    This is truly Good News. I am so pleased and happy and teary and glad that something so good is happening in the world…

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Kay Abrams Says:

    What a divine Passover gift, with the blessing of sacrificing sleep and any artificial time restraints for the sake of love, presence and bonding!! We are holding you all with joy in our hearts…love, Kay, Ira, Daniel, Leah and Michael.

  7. Ellen Says:

    He’s beautiful, Sara looks elated, what a wonderful family. Love.

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