Gili’s first meal

Get this:


That’s Gilad eating his first-ever meal — actual through-the-mouth-formula — at 3.5 weeks, a good bit faster in his healing journey than we’d recently been led to believe.  (And with incredible Hebraic timing, this was one hour into Rosh Hodesh Nisan, the first day of the Biblical year!).  He was taking 5 cc’s, and Fred was there for the first 3 feedings; Minna got to do more the next day.  Now, two days later, he’s up to 25 cc’s, almost an ounce.  At this rate he’ll eat us out of house and home!  And be home in anywhere from 1 to 4 more weeks, according to the revised estimate.


And that’s him after the first bottle — we know developmentally he’s not supposed to be smiling yet, but then again… 😉

Finally, from last week, the first uploaded picture of the first two Scherlinders in history — Sara at Gili’s bedside:


No, we’re not a little proud….  or happy…  or exhausted, and he’s not even home yet…   a great weekend and shabbat shalom to all!


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