Doing well; looking good…

We’re so excited to see how well he’s doing!  See for yourself:


And we’re grateful too for the many expressions of support we’ve received in this whirlind week-and-a-half, since we got the call on Purim…  We were reminded at synagogue today that leaving shul after the megillah reading and Purim spiel, the moon had an astounding 360-degree color halo, almost like a circular moonbow, and Fred had commented that this seemed like a portent of something huge!  That very same Hebrew day, late morning about 14 hours later, came the email.  Wow…

Our new-found rhythm, for as long as he remains in the NICU a couple hours away, is for all 3 of us (including Sara) to visit briefly each weekend, and for Minna and Fred to make separate solo day-trips on our midweek days off — so he gets one of us almost every other day, and each of us gets him twice a week.  Jan & Gary (Fred’s folks) are coming down this Saturday night too to meet him; we hope that he’s far enough past surgery that we can now actually hold him, figuring that he’ll be hard to put down 😉  …

We’ll post updates as we get a clearer sense as to when he can be transferred closer or discharged; best guess for the former is 1-3 weeks, and for the latter 3-6 weeks.  Thanks again for your concern and your support; more soon.  Now to the important stuff, another new picture of him with binky and in clothes for the first time (!), and an earlier one showing his deep gorgeous eyes:



(that was from our very first visit, when he was 11 days old, before the vent was removed for the first time; may he never need it again!  We’ll keep this site, and thus you,  posted…  blessings to all as Spring and Nisan begin…)


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